Get To Know Joshua Noom

Get To Know Joshua Noom

December Artist of the month:

Joshua Noom

Joshua Noom is a Fort Myers based designer who specializes in detailed & bold illustration combined with an organic sense of typography.

You may not know it, but you've probably seen his work before. Whether it's an illustration on an old spice deodorant stick or a popular album cover, Josh's work is wide reaching. He's worked with clients ranging from local coffee shops to giants like Disney, Sony Music and Facebook, just to name a few.

Josh is a down to earth guy who's work is truly unique and inspiring. If you are not already following him on instagram, you should be.

We asked Josh a few questions to get to know him better:

What is your usual drink to order at a cafe?

Oat Cap


What song is currently on repeat for you?

MUNA - Silk chiffon


Who has had the biggest impact on your life in relation to your art career?

My high school art teacher had a big impact on my art career. He was always very encouraging and pushed me.

Who is the biggest supporter of your art?

Family for sure. They're always collecting the things I design and putting on display in they're homes. Like, who else has a bottle of mustard on display in their living room.


What TV show could you watch on repeat?

There's a few. The office. House Hunters. But these days, my 4 year old forces me to watch Peppa Pig on repeat.


Do you prefer creating digitally or creating with your hands?

I create most of my commercial work digitally these days. It's just so convenient and efficient to use and iPad over pencil and paper. That said, what I enjoy most is painting.


What is your favorite spot to hang out?

There's a little shop around the corner from me call Remedies Parlor. They have an awesome little wine garden and there's no better place in town to enjoy some time with family and friends in the evening.


Do you enjoy any non art related hobbies? If so, what?

I've always really loved music. I really enjoy going to record stores and slowly digging through vinyl.

Looking through all the vinyl art and packaging is also really inspiring.


What is your favorite type of project to work on?

My favorite type of project would probably be working with musicians on cover art. They always take it very seriously as it's the cover that represents their own artwork. It's always fun to collaborate with like minded folks.


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